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Wholesale oats is a trading company engaged in the wholesale of oats and related products. We export goods not only within the EU or Asia, but also abroad. The company is ready to offer you to buy first-class oats in bulk at one of the best prices.

Terms of sales

  • In the presence of a universal oat, it can be used both as a food product, and in its characteristic passes as fodder
  • Perhaps the sale of large, medium and small wholesale
  • Convenient payment system, postpay possible
  • Timing and price of delivery depends on the volume of the party and the region
  • All questions can be clarified by the phone manager

Product Features and Applications

Oat is a cereal crop that is actively used in dietetic nutrition and as animal feed. From its grains produce cereals, butter, flour and oat coffee. Oatmeal is one of the first places among cereal products in nutrition and useful properties. Oatmeal is widely used in the confectionery industry. Hercules is a wonderful porridge, and oat milk is an excellent substitute for natural. Flattened grains of this cereal are the main component for muesli. In addition, oat grain is actively used in folk medicine, as well as for the production of creams, shampoos and other cosmetics. Advantageously, you can buy oats in bulk at Export Grain.

Sheep cost and order payment

Our prices for oats are one of the most affordable in the Eu and Asian market. We work with leading manufacturers directly, without intermediaries. This guarantees the exceptional quality of all products and allows you to maintain loyal prices. If desired, you can pay for goods by bank transfer or in cash. For regular customers there are special offers that allow you to get additional benefits.