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Pea is one of the best types of plant feed for industrial livestock. It has a significant advantage over other leguminous plants, expressed in the fact that there are no harmful substances in its composition that can adversely affect the digestibility of the feed by animals and the lack of assimilation of all the nutrients contained in the feed by it.

Peas contain a huge amount of amino acids and plant proteins, which are easily absorbed by the animal. For example, unbelievably important for the growth and development of animal dizin in peas is almost 3 times more than in grain feed. The digestibility of peas is from 80 to 88%, depending on the quality of the raw materials. 1 kg of peas contains 213 g of fully digestible protein and almost 15 g of lysine.

The use and role of peas in agriculture

Peas can be fed any kind of animal and poultry. The inclusion of peas in the daily diet of milking cows can significantly increase milk yield, quality and fat content of milk, and in cases when peas are fed to meat breeds of pigs, the quality of meat is significantly improved and a dense fat layer is formed.

Peas are included in calf feed to reduce the amount of milk consumed daily and accelerate the growth of the animal. Pea is added to food either in crushed form, or in the form of dart – with finely ground suspensions. It is especially well consumed by animals in food, being soaked or steamed in warm water. As a percentage of the total feed, up to 20% of the total volume is included.

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