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Alfalfa hay, also known as lucerne, is a grass-based food made from the leaves and stems of alfalfa plants. Alfalfa hay has been used to feed horses since the 17th century and is grown all over the world.

 It was originally grown in Europe but has become popular in North America because it’s a good source of protein and fiber for horses. Most people buy alfalfa hay from wholesalers to keep their horses’ diet healthy, although it can be used for other animals too such as cattle or goats.

Alfalfa is a perennial legume that grows best during cool, moist seasons. Alfalfa hay is a type of grass that grows in many parts of the world and is used for animal feed. It’s also very nutritious, which makes it popular among organic farmers who want to give their animals healthier food and can be grown on a variety of soil types as long as the soil drains well. Alfalfa has deep roots that reach down into subsoil moisture and keeps roots from drying out during hot summer months.

It has a low protein content (less than 5 percent) and a high cellulose content, which makes it easy to digest. The leaves are also rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A and D. The dried leaves can be fed to cattle during the winter months when there is less available grass or other fodder varieties like straw.