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Soya Wholesale

Soy in the diet of feed for agriculture and industrial livestock is represented both by the soybeans themselves, and obtained by processing oilcake, straw, flour, chaff, feed phosphatides and meal. Among other things, it is extremely useful for large and small livestock is the consumption of green fresh plant mass from soy.

The use and distribution of soy

Soybeans are characterized by the presence of a huge amount of vegetable proteins in their composition, as well as useful easily digestible amino acids that provide the animal with energy as a food. For the convenience of storing and moving soybeans, beans are rarely stored in their entirety – they are usually processed into flour, meal, cake or protein isolate for inclusion in the feed without additional processing.

The use of soy as a single feed for young animals, as well as as an additive in multi-component feed, allows livestock to quickly gain weight – because soy contains a huge amount of useful vegetable protein.

This, as well as the content of a significant amount of crude protein, allows soy products to be used precisely at the stage of growth of the animal and its weight gain. The protein content in the total gross volume of soybeans is approximately 2.5 times higher than in barley or wheat, which makes soybean indispensable in animal fattening.

The disadvantage, because of which it is not necessary to get involved in fattening animals exclusively with soy, without other additives, is that it contains a considerable number of anti-nutritional components – alkaloids, various tannins and other inhibitors.

To reduce their effect on the animal’s body, soybeans are necessarily subjected to heat treatment before being used as food — high temperature destroys anti-nutritional components, increases the availability of amino acids present in soybeans (this is useful for poultry and pigs), and also reduces the degree of protein degradation in the rumen (for cattle). Raw soy in all its forms is practically not used as animal feed.

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