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When it comes to buying teff hay, you need to be careful as this type of grass is very delicate and can easily get damaged during transport.

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Teff hay is a type of fodder crop, and it is one of the most nutritious grains in the world. Teff hay is also known as Ethiopian hay, which refers to its origin in Ethiopia. It is often used as animal feed because it has high protein content and nutritional value. Some farmers grow teff on their farms just to make this type of hay for their animals because they know how beneficial it can be for them.

Teff grass is the best quality of Hay and is used in animal feed. It is produced in different regions of Africa like Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. The hay has a high protein content compared to other hays as it contains up to 30% protein.

Teff bale hay is most popular among farmers as it is very nutritious for animals like horses and cows as well as goats hence giving them more energy and stamina to perform their tasks or go through their daily routines easily without getting tired easily at any point in time during their lives which will be beneficial for both farmer and animal alike who grow up together by taking care each other’s needs respectively

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