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Wholesale chickpeas

Chickpeas and raw materials from it are very valuable in animal husbandry and use as feed additives. Introducing it into a permanent diet can significantly improve the digestibility and digestibility of feeds due to the increased content of various carbohydrates.

Animals that eat chickpeas in their pure form or as part of mixed feed are much less sick, and in case of diseases they recover much faster. Experiments conducted by independent sources have shown a significant increase in weight gain and an increase in the quality and quantity of milk given by cattle.

As the feed can be used as a nutrient-rich green mass, which is at the stage of formation of beans and their loading, and straw for the feed of cattle and goats. The composition of chickpeas includes a huge amount of easily digestible protein, useful both for young growing animals and for adults.

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  6. Fast delivery times, regardless of the volume of raw materials you purchase and the region in which delivery needs to be arranged.

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