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Beans Wholesale

Beans are one of the well-known legumes of vegetable crops grown for subsequent ingestion. Its value as a food product, both for humans and for animals, is determined by the presence in its composition of a huge number of useful easily digestible proteins, indispensable for the growth and development of the body of amino acid compounds, as well as other vitamins and nutrients important for life.

Proteins contained in beans, in their nutritional value and composition are close to proteins of animal origin. It is very easily absorbed even without additional processing of beans and contains such vital amino acids as lysine, tryptophan and arginine, without which normal growth and functioning of the body is impossible.

Eating beans and other plant components in many ways can replace the lack of meat and offal in the diet. Bean seeds, depending on the variety and degree of processing, contain from 20 to 33% protein and its compounds, 45-55% starch, up to 7% soluble fiber, very few vegetable fats – up to 3.8%, as well as a large amount of vitamins A , groups B, C and various micro and macro elements, each of which is undoubtedly important for trouble-free growth and weight gain.

The use and role of beans in industry and agriculture

The green juicy mass of bean plants is practically not used as a forage crop, it is not very well eaten by animals, despite the external attractiveness. In addition, it contains a significant amount of toxic glucosides (in particular phaseolunatin), which in large quantities can cause serious poisoning of the animal.

But the waste from any type of processing of the bean itself is extremely nutritious and can be used as easily digestible and extremely nutritious animal feed, which can be introduced into the feed of any complexity. The only requirement – before serving as feed, it is necessary to heat treatment, which destroys substances harmful to the animal and its health.

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